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Outdoor Cleaning Crew needed

In : Cleaning

Salary: Up to $1,700 per month

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  • Day Shift: 6 days work week  (Working hours: 0830 to 1730)
  • Rest Day as per rostered schedule (1 day per week)
  • Overtime rate 1.5x after 44 hrs per week
  • Earn Up to $1800 with overtime

Apply NOW or call us at 9235 7615

Comprehensive Benefits:

  • Local Join in Bonus 本地聘用奖金
  • Annual Leave 年假
  • Medical Leave 病假
  • Medical Benefit 医疗福利
  • WSQ training courses provided 提供WSQ培训课程
  • To carry out Roads Cleaning in team 进行公路清洁
  • Must be able to withstand adverse weather conditions 必须能够承受恶劣的天气条件
Education Requirements
  • Primary